The OppZone Portal

We created the OppZone Portal to help local governments identify, market, and track Opportunity Zone prospects and projects in their communities. This software-as-a-service is provided on a subscription basis. Once communities join, any member of the public, developer, broker or other interested party can register for a free account to submit projects, get more information on other projects or receive Opportunity Zone updates.

Pricing is structured based on number of qualified opportunity zones in your community.

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Opportunity Zone Prospectus

Leading communities across the country are development Opportunity Zone Prospectus documents to market their location to potential Opportunity Zone Funds. We bring decades of experience in market and financial analysis, public policy and community development in order to help communities identify the intersection of their values with real investor appeal. We develop dynamic prospectus documents that are a call to action for the community and investors alike, not just reports that sit on the shelf.

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Our team has experience in economics, information technology, finance and accounting. We do not limit ourselves, however, to quantitative analysis. We have successfully undertaken projects of national, regional and local significance. Our data and analyses are routinely relied on by businesses, investors, developers, attorneys, trade organizations, legislators and the media. Contact us to learn more how we might be able to partner with you today.